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  • Lisa Listo, Counselor, MA. NCC. Ed.S. LAC.

    Hi, I’m Lisa! I believe that therapy should be a safe place for you to be yourself and begin to heal. My goal when working with clients is to help you gain your power back. I provide clients with a safe space to be heard without judgment, bias, or fear of recourse. Being able to successfully engage with my clients in an authentic way is key to what makes the counselor and client relationship successful.

    I bring a genuine sense of empathy and understanding when working with clients. As a counselor, I meet my clients where they are. I understand that my clients enter therapy at different levels of readiness and recognizing this fact is crucial in building a trusting and therapeutic relationship. I believe that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to helping people. I employ a variety of therapeutic interventions and types of therapy that fit each of my client’s needs and circumstances. I strive to provide a compassionate and collaborative approach to therapy while gently leading my clients to gain a deeper insight into themselves so that they can begin their self-healing journey.

    While I am trained in many different areas, my specializations include treating adolescents and adults for trauma, grief, depression, anxiety, self-esteem issues, life changes, and unhealthy relationships.

    Let me help you get your power back. Let me help you get YOU back.