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  • Maggie Adkisson, ReWired Path Office Manager

    Born and raised in Brigantine, N.J and a graduate of Holy Spirit HS my free time was spent on the beach walking, swimming and basking in the warm sun while sitting at the oceans edge. Sometimes falling asleep in my chair which became submerged in the salt water.

    Each day greeting familiar faces and always making new friends. Young and old from near and far becoming lifelong friends with many of them. We all had one thing in common. We all spoke the same language, that of a smile. I learned that in life that a smile goes a long way. A smile can change your entire day, your prospective.

    My passion is to bring happiness, warmth, compassion to each person and to treat them as I want to be treated. If I greet them in person, on the phone or through an email I promise they will know I’m doing it with a smile. I realize everyone has a story and my smile may help them turn the page in their book and start a new chapter. What a wonderful place we would all be in if we could just pay it forward with a smile.

    As a young adult I began working at the first casino in Atlantic City, Resorts. I spent 5 years there until I was offered a job in management. I accepted the job at Trump Plaza and stayed with the company for 18 years. In 2002 I left the casino industry and began a carrier in a Physical Therapy office as a front desk person.

    In August of 2023 after 21 years with the company, I resigned my position with a smile. I am now looking forward to working with an amazing group of professionals at ReWired Path. With an open mind and an open heart I will write my new chapter with a smile.

    My greatest accomplishments in life are my family. My husband and I have one adult son, whom we are so very proud of. Watching him become the man he is has been my greatest blessing. My husband runs our family business and he amazes me with his ability to do what he does and do it so well. During my free time I love spending time with my family relaxing. Good food and good company is always a plus. I also have a great amount of love for our fur babies. We have two cats, Prudence Rose and Sadie Rose and our 9 month old puppy, Maxwell.