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    Lisa Cordasco

    It is a privilege to work with you on your path to healing and recovery. My approach is holistic and one of compassion, empathy and non-judgment, while my clients often say I have a knack for giving them a push when needed. I work best with adults looking to address trauma/PTSD, history of substance use issues, family dynamic/ACOA, codependency, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, body image/self-esteem issues and self-injury. I also work with couples and families looking for support in addressing their dynamics and any relationship concerns. 

    I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Fordham University with my MSW in 2013. I am also certified as a Clinical Supervisor for individuals pursuing their clinical social work license as well as for those pursuing licensing/certification for drug and alcohol counseling. 

    I have extensive experience working with substance use disorders, trauma and mental health issues throughout all levels of care. I have worked directly with individuals, groups and families for over a decade and spent time in a supervisory and administrative role for five years. 

    I believe in the potential for change in all of us! Our brains and our bodies are incredibly resilient, even though sometimes our wires may have gotten a bit crossed. My approach is tailored to meet your needs as the client and I view our work together as collaborative and partnership. 

    I have extensive training in CBT, Mindfulness based therapies, as well as certification in DBT and brainspotting. I also hold certification as an Integrative Mental Health Professional and enjoy incorporating aspects of physical wellness into our work. 

    I look forward to helping as you embark on your journey forward!